Meant for internal use, as there are internal objects as arguments.

cloudUpload(isInRepo, outputHash, gdriveLs, cachePath, cloudFolderID, output)



A data.table with the information about an object that is in the local cachePath


The cacheId of the object to upload


The result of googledrive::drive_ls(googledrive::as_id(cloudFolderID), pattern = "outputHash")


A repository used for storing cached objects. This is optional if Cache is used inside a SpaDES module.


A googledrive dribble of a folder, e.g., using drive_mkdir(). If left as NULL, the function will create a cloud folder with name from last two folder levels of the cachePath path, : paste0(basename(dirname(cachePath)), "_", basename(cachePath)). This cloudFolderID will be added to options("reproducible.cloudFolderID"), but this will not persist across sessions. If this is a character string, it will treat this as a folder name to create or use on GoogleDrive.


The output object of FUN that was run in Cache