convertPaths is simply a wrapper around gsub for changing the first part of a path. convertRasterPaths is useful for changing the path to a file-backed raster (e.g., after copying the file to a new location).

convertPaths(x, patterns, replacements)

convertRasterPaths(x, patterns, replacements)



For convertPaths, a character vector of file paths. For convertRasterPaths, a disk-backed RasterLayer object, or a list of such rasters.


Character vector containing a pattern to match (see ?gsub).


Character vector of the same length of patterns containing replacement text (see ?gsub).


filenames <- c("/home/user1/Documents/file.txt", "/Users/user1/Documents/file.txt") oldPaths <- dirname(filenames) newPaths <- c("/home/user2/Desktop", "/Users/user2/Desktop") convertPaths(filenames, oldPaths, newPaths)
#> [1] "C:/home/user2/Desktop/file.txt" "C:/Users/user2/Desktop/file.txt"
r1 <- raster::raster(system.file("external/test.grd", package = "raster")) r2 <- raster::raster(system.file("external/rlogo.grd", package = "raster")) rasters <- list(r1, r2) oldPaths <- system.file("external", package = "raster") newPaths <- file.path("~/rasters") rasters <- convertRasterPaths(rasters, oldPaths, newPaths) lapply(rasters, raster::filename)
#> [[1]] #> [1] "C:/Eliot/rasters/test.grd" #> #> [[2]] #> [1] "C:/Eliot/rasters/rlogo.grd" #>